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tranny oil

matthew i almost had this problem myself. you can drill a hole through the
DRAIN plug the correct size for a grease nipple. use the correct size tap to
make threads, screw in the grease nipple to make sure it fits.then find a
short bolt with the same threading and a washer. reinstall the drain plug in
the tranny. screw the grease nipple into the drain plug. load a grease gun
with your tranny lube and pump away. when you have put in the required
amount of lube, (you did measure it- right?) quickly remove the nipple and
insert the short bolt and washer and snug it up. if you are reasonably quick
only about a teaspoon of lube will escape, and you're done
86 5kcdtq, tap chip sjm spring
84 5ks
84 5ksw
many cyclops bicycles