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RE: MTM butchers TT

This kind of modification should be illegal!

Anand Dhanda
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And the nominee for the ugliest 'tuned' car of the year is.... drum
roll.... the MTM TT.

Some 120k DM transforms the TT into MTM's idea of a Gran Turismo, with
adjustable carbon fibre wings fore and aft, 20" wheels with Brembos and 320
hp from the standard 1.8T.
By special demand there's also a two-litre with 400 hp, and an upcoming
version with 600 hp shpuld be the real killer.

The special MTM wheels require a strong stomach, as do the twin central
exhausts with special fairing. I can't even fathom what the exhaust-like
protrusion below the rear wing is for (turbine exhaust?) and the various
air intakes destroy the TT's clean lines completely.

More atrocities (plus a few nice ones) at http://www.mtm-online.de/


PS there was a '97 S8 parked outside my apartment entrance yesterday. Guess
things are looking up for the neighbourhood... ;-)