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Re: -->> my type44 factory spoiler <<--

In a message dated 7/13/99 10:44:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
thompers@together.net writes:

<< I just video captured off some images of my '89 200 quattro turbo avant
 and posted to my site. I know that there has been some talk of what type
 of front spoiler can bolt up to the type44 front end, so here is my
 solution. I solved this low cost spoiler option with some vintage
 '78-'82 Audi 5KS turbo "spoiler'ettes", as I call them. Found a few at
 my local VT yard laying half buried in the VT dirt, for about $5 bucks
 each and they cleaned up well. They fit nice and look factory installed.
 The bolt holes even line up with the OEM ones on the type44!  I wish >>

its hard to see in thre pic..  is the spoiler off a '78-'83 5000s, or 5000s 
turbo?  the '81-'83 5000 turbos have a different spoiler than the non-turbos. 
   i actually have one, from a '83 5000 turbo, and seem to remember trying to 
fit it on the typ44, and it didnt seem at all close....
how'd ya do it?

'86 5kT
'86 5kTQ
ex '84 5kT (wrecked)
ex '82 5kTD
ex 76 100LS  <----  what a bomb!  :<)