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5kq engine

couple of questions.  your offer is interesting to me for a couple of 
reasons.  maybe you can help me with ny questions and i can give you some 
$$.  listers, pleasefeel free to chime in (thanks!).

1. i think that i am going to try DIY porting and polishing.  will your 
head fit on my 1990 80Q engine (2.3 I5)

2. my 3rd gear is grinding, and although nobody has responded as to 
whether it is a serious problem, i think that i may need to deal with 
it.  popping a new tranny on sounds easier to me than taking the old one 
apart and replacing the syncs.  will i run into problems b/c mine is 
quattro and yours isn't?


- joe
1990 80Q 138k mi.