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Re: CGT crunched in Denver

One thing to keep in mind, in CO (and probably elsewhere) by law the
Insurance co must offer to dell back the hulk to you at some set % of
what they total it out at.  I don't recall the % but I think it may be
like 20-25%.

This keeps them from low-balling you in their total offer.  And could
let you pick up a bunch of your "old" parts quite cheaply...

DGraber460@aol.com wrote:
> The insurance company has done the appraisal and "deemed the car
> unrepairable." Now comes the wait for the settlement offer. What is the
> consensus value for an '85 GT in _very_ good condition (everything works,
> 106k mi., body great, interior perfect, great mechanical condition)?
> Dennis Graber