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Re: Audi 100Q electrical demons

Hi Ray
    See Chris Millers site for the fix to the inst panel as it worked for
me. I don't have the url handy, but there is a link on www.audifans.com

Tom Nestor

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Subject: Audi 100Q electrical demons

> Hi John (writing from my shop's account)...
> My technician asked me to poll the list for hints on a recurring problem
> they have seen on several 100's (10vq).  In four separate instances, the
> directional indicators work opposite of their intended function (i.e.,
> not in sync with the outside blinker).  In addition, the hi-beam
> indicator operates only when the lo-beams are on, not when the hi-beams
> are on.  Obviously, there is a ground connection fault somewhere on the
> instrument cluster circuit board.
> Has anyone effectively diagnosed a fault with the printed circuit board
> on the back of the instrument cluster without replacing the entire
> cluster?  Anyone?  Bueller?
> For those of you on the mother list, please reply directly (not
> subbed).  Thanks.
> Thanks,
> Ray Tomlinson
> for
> John Kaiser
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