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Tips on V8 Dist Cap/Rotor replacement

Just a few notes to add to what others have contributed.	
1. use a drip pan to catch the oil which will drain when the dist are removed.
2.Be very careful when removing the connector to the Hall sensor ( passenger 
side dist). There is a small spring clip which must be removed before the 
connector will come loose. If you do not remove the clip and attempt to 
remove the plug you will break the Hall sender plastic jack.

3. If you use the rotors with the set screw you will need to put a small 
detent in the dist shaft for the set screw to seat. These do not come with 
the rotor, are  6 mm and hard to find. I had to make some from metric cap 
screws.Also, the rotors withnthe set screw are somewhat slopy on the Hall 
dist shaft. I advise centering it in the slot when you mark for the detent.

4. Check the ends of all the plug/coil wires for corosion. One of mine was 
not fully pressed in, and it was full of green crud. The Moto Tool worked 
fine to remove it.

5. Some specs of general interest
	plug gap 0.032 inch
	plug torque 30 NM or 22 ft lbs
Frank Santoro
1990 V8 (off life support systems)
1998 A8