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RE: Sorry if I ever defended Detroit on this list

> What's even worse, is that just about every review of an Audi I've seen
> says "if it weren't for the crappy tires on this car, and if it weren't
> so underpowered, and if it had a manual transmission, (and oh by the way
> the cupholders suck) we'd say it was the best of the bunch."  So what do
> we get?  "By popular demand, better cupholders!"

To give credit where credit's due, the A6 will be available for '00 with the
S4 engine and 6 speed tranny.  No matter how many times Audi changes them
though, the cupholders will still suck.

An A4 1.8T with sport package and a chip also alleviates most complaints.

Paul Wilson