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RE: Sorry if I ever defended Detroit on this list

> Wait 'till you've figured out most U.S.-bound Audi's
> got those crappy Goodyear tires. To this date, it
> still
> amazes me that Audis in "test drives" and
> "comparisons"
> in magazines can still get top reviews. Now that's
> stupid (AoA) and amazing (Audi).
> I still don't get those big, dumb tires sticking out
> of fenders thing...

Not all US bound Audis get crappy Goodyears.  My A4 with sport package gets
very good Dunlop SP8000E's.  What I don't understand is why Audi didn't spec
225/50-16's on 7.5" wide rims instead of the 205/55-16's on 7" wide rims.
225/45-17's would have been even better but I guess they want to save
something for the S4.

Paul Wilson