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4Kq and 90q Wheel Size

For years I have been interchanging wheels between my 84 4kq and my 88
90q.  Therefore, the hole spacing must be the same (brilliant, eh?). 
However, now that I am considering getting different wheels for the
90q, I remember years ago looking for a set of spare R-8s for the 4kq
and being told that an 84 4kq had a unique hole spacing (4x100?).

The question is: what is (are) the hole spacing(s) for these two cars,
4x100 or 4x108?  I am considering getting a set of 15-in factory
10-spokes (4x108?) for the 90q.  Will this work?  Are these wheels 6.5
in wide?

Hopefully you listers will be able to lift the curtains of darkness on
this one.
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