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Re: upgrade 4 blade to 7 blade fan

When I called Blaufergnugen a few weeks back to order a new fan, they
(without additional comment) sent me one with 7 blades. Patient is an 87
PN printed on box: 443 959 455N
I believe the 4 blade one I took out had the same PN apart from suffix- it
was, I think, an "E"
Sorry I don't have the number for the blade alone. I needed the fan motor so
badly shrapnel was leaking out of the bearings.

Colin Hames wrote:

> Hello...
> What models were the -N motors?  I would like to update the 4 blade unit
> on my 5TQW with a 7 but I am unfamiliar with the make and models.
> FYI the nut holding the fan on the rad fan motor is REVERSE thread.
> Colin Hames
> '86 5TQW
> '98 Passat 1.8t
> James said,
> If you don't have a 7-blade fan yet, GET ONE (the fan is found on a -N
> motor). Chris at Autobahn of New Hampshire (800.350.4590) occasionally
> gets
> a few. Normal (Stages I and II) operation is MUCH quieter than with the
> 4-blade unit.