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Update on emissions failure - passed - bad WOT Switch!!

An update on my previous problem with bad breath from my 200TQ - repaired a
poorly functioning WOT switch and voila - she is sweet as a rose...

Originally results were as follows:

                Limit          idle           2500rpm
HC           200           209              42        -  ppm
CO%         1             1.88            0.18
HC           200           115              11        - ppm
CO%          1            .89              .03

Only changes:
1) Soldered WOT switch but joints - obvious cracking: now getting consistent
1.4Bar readings and smooth power delivery - no more stumble on idle - no
more waiting for that kick in the pants!
2) painted metal turbo inlet pipe - gloss black - was matt black: +5hp
3) painted valve cover - gloss black - was flaky and rusty: +10hp
4) painted turbo lettering on intake manifold vw guards red: +15hp
5) replaced valve cover gasket - new rubber: -.1 litre/1000km
6) cleaned contacts on all window switches and sun-roof
7) removed old third party cell phone wiring found under dash from orig.
8) repaired broken wiring harness to door switches - drivers side

Still to go; Timing belt - water pump - idler pulley - paint belt cover for
additional horsepower.

1990 200TQ 10V