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Re: Service Fees, some questions

In a message dated 7/14/99 2:13:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
mike@urquattro.com writes:

<< 2Bennett Audimotive as far as i know charges i think 55 an hour...compare 
 that with M&M which i think is 70+ and then there is my own charge for 
 doing work by myself.... $0  That's why i do ALL work myself....

	I agree, I charge myself Free-ninety free, and it has saved me a lot 
of money!  I do not think I could own a car is I did not work on it myself  
(well, up to this point anyway with a college students income).  It is even 
worse for upgrades and improvements, you mide as well forget it on those.  
Well, then there is the intrinsic 5th level of Maslow's  heirarchy of needs, 
self realization, with job well done...I'm...Im tearin' , well guy, im out..