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Small ads from MOT magazine, Germany

...just to show you guys what's available and amuse you, some of the
tastier ads in the latest issue of MOT:

(1 DM = US$ 0.52)

S4 Avant, 3/99, 13k km, all options, DM 85,000
S6 Avant 20v turbo, tow hitch, 8 alloy wheels, all options except sunroof,
59k km, 8/96, DM 56,000
200 quattro turbo 20v, red, a/c, 220 hp, 218k km, DM 9450
RS2 3/95 DM 49,900
100 S4, 5/92, 150k km, leather, a/c, phone etc. Amethyst met.
91 S2 Coupe, original RS2 front end, all options, AZEV 8.5x17, 235/45, MTM
tuned, very quick.
DM 19,700
S4, 12/98, nogaro blue (RS-blue), all options, 8k km, DM 84,400
Engine + transmission + mechanics for A4 1.8T quattro, 147 kW, 2500 km, DM
S2 Avant, Ferrari yellow, 6/94, 49k km, 285 hp, 420 Nm, DM 42,000
S6 4.2, 5/95, 85k km, all options, price when new DM 116k, amethyst pearl
effect, tow hitch,
DM 45,000
RS2, 12/95, Blue, 87k km, tow hitch, as new, DM 53,000
Coupe S2, 4/91 MTM-tuned, lots of options, 115k km, DM 20,900
A3 1.8T Oettinger, 1/98, 110 kW, all options, price when new Dm 45,707- now
DM 41,500
S4 Avant 4.2, 1/94, 195k km, all options, 6-speed, leather, a/c, DM 28,999
S4 Avant 11/98, 13k km, linarite blue, all options, phone, GPS, DM 85,800
RS2 Avant, 7/95, 75k km, red, black leather, Recaros, all options, 8
alloys, radio, DM 59,000
93 S2 Coupe, 315 hp, 17" alloys, sports suspension, all options, DM 34,000
TT quattro, 225 hp, silver, all options, delivery 12/99, list price + DM 1500
Coupe S2, 6/93, 63k km, 6-speed, a/c, CD, wood, tow hitch, winter tyres,
heated seats, DM 34,800
S4 Avant quattro 3/99, 195 kW, 1000 km, blue met, a/c, leather, heated
seats, Radio Bose, CD changer, Sideguard etc. price when new DM 99,800- now
DM 82,800
S4 Avant 2.7 biturbo, never been registered, 4000 km, yellow, Alcantara
black/blue, all options, new DM 100,850, now DM 89,500
S6 plus Avant, red, tow hitch, a/c, Xenon etc. 10/96, 54k km, DM 79,000
94 RS2,  3rd owner, 90k km, all options except a/c, DM 43,000
100 Avant S4 quattro 4.2, 6/93, 102k km, a/c, heated seats, 6-speed, radio
cassette, alloys etc.
DM 29,900
S6 4.2 Avant quattro, 6/97, 58k km, a/c, electric sunroof, Xenon, Stereo
Bose, alloys etc. DM 76,980
A4 1.8T quattro Hohenester, blue met, 211 kW, 4/95, 102,5k km, new engine
at 85k km, Hohenester sports susp, hifi, sports exhaust, AZEV 8Jx17, mod.
brakes, alloy interior, removable tow hitch, 235- tyres, Recaros, engine
tuning, Vmax 270 km/h. DM 49,980.
A4 Avant Abt, 1.8T, 215 hp, 8/96, 75k km, ming blue, beige leather, all
options, DM 38,900
S6 4.2 Avant, 6-speed, 9/95, 70k km, sulphur yellow (special colour),
Xenon, all options, 1 owner
new DM 130,000, now DM 53,600
94 S2 Avant, 290 hp, 1 owner, dark blue, 87k km, leather, a/c, electric
sunroof, CD, 18" alloys, etc.
DM 37,500
89 UrQ 20v, full maintenance records, 170k km, silver met, new test, DM
60,000... the list goes on and on.

...yes, I'm drooling, too. No excessive new-car tax in Germany, ergo
cheaper cars and more options (we pay 40% tax on every option we get on our
new car here in Holland). Used cars imported here from Germany are also
subject to this tax, making it very expensive to import one of these

Now, let's get me some lottery tickets...