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Re: Real Nice 1993 V* in Framingham, MA

They want 20k.

Richard Haroutunian wrote:

> Guys,
> you probably know this, but there is a REAL nice midnight blue '93 V8 for
> sale at Euro Engineering in Framingham Mass.
> Not sure about the price, but I checked the car out last night--and it's
> one of the nicest V8s I've seen in a long, long time..
> 57K miles, all options except the CD, integrated factory phone, Bose, all
> that stuff.
> Gorgeous, gorgeous car.
> I know it sounds like I work for these guys--but I don't. In fact, I don't
> have a high opinion of them even though I did buy a car from them once..
> They just know where to find these great Quattros..
> Their number is 508.972.1166 of you want to fiend out more.
> Richard
> 87 5KCSTQ
> 85 4KSQ
> 82 VW Cabrio
> 97 Toyota Landcruiser