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Tranny Filled!

A big thank for the collaborate effort of the Syncro and Quattro lists.  Armed with your advice and suggestions, I was able to fill the tranny case of my QSW despite the "buggered" fill-hole plug.  From the several options, I selected and was successful in filling the case through the speedometer cable hole.

For those of you who find yourself in a similar situation (more likely that you will have to help some fool, like me, who did not remove the fill plug before the drain plug), it is easy to gain access through the speedo.  From up top, follow the cable to the tranny, unscrew the long nut-thing (it will almost come off by hand).  Then, it takes a 18 or 19 mm socket to remove the speedo "plug".  Remove that and the plastic speedo gear.  I then made a funnel out of an empty tranny oil bottle by cutting off the bottom and poured the oil in.  Pour very slowly so the air can bubble out, and measure carefully so that the right amount goes in.  BTW, I got two quotes on the capacity, 4.2 quarts and 2.3q.  I think the 2.3 is correct.


Matthew Brenengen
'87 4kq; '88 QSW; '76 '02 
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