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RE: re Subject: Pearl White touch up paint

I expect you are correct Igor, as my 1995 S6 is the same color as, for
example, Pearl 1991 90qs and 90 Coupes.  I believe it was after 1995 that
Audi reformulated Pearl into a yellower(?) color.


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> "Smith, Kirby A" wrote:
> > I just bought some from Langan Motors for my S6; it is a tad lighter in
> > color, but this may be due to aging.
> The L0B9 does not exist in the touch-up size. I wonder if you bought the
> L0A9-? (the "other" Pearl, for the earlier cars). I compared it to my S6
> and it was noticeably whiter (silverish) as our paint is ivorish.
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