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re: a/c problems, type 44 ('91 200q20v), need help

Been playing around trying to repair the air conditioning (A/C) in my 91 
200q20v sedan.  The low pressure switch was preventing the compressor from 
running, so about a month ago I had a local shop test the system... pulled 
vacuum on it for a half-hour with no loss, so they then recharged it, and 
added some leak detection dye; seems to stay full; compressor engages 
(although now it makes noise on engagement... clutch problem?  Needs more 

Problem 1:  seems that the air flap controller (bosch unit) is sticking; 
tried adjusting the pot on the motor, without success.  I'll replace it.

Problem 2:  doesn't seem to cool the air very well; cools around 25 degrees 
from ambient on low fan setting; less on higher settings.  No puddles of 
water under the car:  Checked the heater control valve, and it seems to be 
moving/closing properly.  Dealer only part, so I'd rather not replace it 
quite yet.

How do I clean/access the drain area for the A/C heat exchanger, in by the 
blower?  Found the drain hose, and tried to fish it out; seems fine; just no 

After running the system on hi fan. LO for 1/2 hour, I get some condensation 
running off the a/c line under the black plastic piece by the firewall; 
specifically, in front of the fan housing, the line that has black tar-like 
insulation; just before the big silver can thingy.

Problem 3:  (think it's a problem, anyways)... After shutting down the car, I 
hear a hissing type noise, pretty loud, for a good 8-10 seconds or so from 
the area under the black plastic by the fan.  My thoughts are that perhaps 
the infamous "restrictor" is clogged, and that's why I'm not getting much 
cold air? or condensation.  Any ideas on how to start fixing what's broke?

Thanks for any advice, particularly the good and usefull stuff.
chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com