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VW & Audi cylinder head port info needed...

Since my efforts over the past two days to find a cheap, low-mileage 
replacement motor for my 200q have come to naught, I've decided instead to 
(finally!) finish my 2.6L project and install that in the car instead along 
with all of the other goodies I've collected over the past few years.  It's 
probably money down the drain but what the hey...

At this point, I've got the bottom-end pretty much sorted out and am in the 
process of addressing the head.  I have rented six hours on a Superflow bench 
this Saturday to baseline the head and manifolds in order to find out where 
the airflow restrictions are located.  However, since I've only got one 
5-cylinder head and have already spent some money having it jet-cleaned and 
pressure-tested, I'd prefer to experiment on the junk 4-cylinder VW heads 
I've got lying around instead.  The ports certainly appear to be *very* 
similar to each other but looks can be deceiving and since I'm not trying to 
squeeze every last CFM possible out of it but merely clean up the major 
restrictions, I don't want to go to the trouble of casting port molds if I 
can avoid it.  Any BTDTs will be greatly appreciated.   

Also, I'm going to use a larger exhaust valve but am having trouble finding 
any aftermarket sodium-filled ones with 7mm stems ... do such critters exist 
and if not, has anyone had any luck using Stainless Steel valves instead?  I 
have discussed this with the machine shop that's doing the work for me and 
they say they've had good luck using them in the turbo VW motors they've 
built for a couple of sandrails but don't know how long they will last for 
street use.  Again, any BTDTs will be appreciated.