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wx engine parting out

	that's right.  my mc is half done, and i'm looking to
	part out the old wx.  the em is shot, but i have:

	turbo (perfect shape, less than $70k miles on it)
	long block (crank, block, head)
	throttle sensor
	intake manifold sensor
	warm-up regulator
	fuel injection systems, distributor
	air flow meter

	and whever else would be on the engine :)  i am not
	too versed on all of what's in there, so if you have 
	a part in question, let me know and i'll find out.

	looking for trades for: mc 2-piece exhaust manifold
	4kq two-position diff lock switch

	$800 takes all, $600 w/o ecu (ecu has never been modded)

	make an offer, though, if you have an offer.

 rocky mullin
 two strokes are faster than four!
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