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Re: Sorry if I ever defended Detroit on this list

One new car coming out, I think it's a caddilac but I'm not sure, has a
refrigerated glove box, for putting groceries and things in I guess.
I guess that's the next step......

Tomas Leveckis wrote:
> it's an evolutionary thing........as you spend more and more of your life in a
> car, more and more things from other places wind up in the car.....I'm
> waiting for the glove box (gloves???) to be replaced with a microwave....
> mmmmmm...just imaging the smell of fresh popcorn while yer blastin
> down the expressway at 100mph+
> Zsolt Kovacs wrote:
> > What is this about cupholders and americans anyway? I never knew what a
> > cupholder was in europe.
> >   Zsolt