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Magazine rant (was Sorry if I ever defended Detroit, etc.)

Quoting Elliott Porter (even if a bit out of context here):

> and if it had a manual transmission,

I'm not sure that would even make a difference.  I was reading a review
of a 6-cylinder Audi from Road & Track some time ago, and was struck by
two comments.  Neither was particularly objectionable alone, but taken
together, well...

One was describing how smooth the shifter was, and what a pleasure it
was to change gears.

The other comment was about how the power all seemed to come in the
upper reaches of the powerband, which made passing times overlong.

I was tempted for some time to write to R&T saying "Now, I don't know
what these new Audis are like, but in my 1983 Coupe GT, it's possible to
shift to *lower* gears as well as *higher* gears."