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Re: Sorry if I ever defended Detroit on this list

That's why McD's shelled out a few mil.

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On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, Jeremiah Curry wrote:

> I don't drink coffee, but most drinks can be held fine between the legs
> while you drive.
> Jeremiah ('84 coupe gt "no cup-holder')
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> From: Bernard Littau <bernardl@acumenassociates.com>
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> Date: Wednesday, July 14, 1999 1:49 PM
> Subject: Re: Sorry if I ever defended Detroit on this list
> >
> >>What is this about cupholders and americans anyway? I never knew what a
> >>cupholder was in europe.
> >>  Zsolt
> >
> >
> >Gee, I though espresso came over to America from Europe :-)  How do you
> >Europeans drive your manual transmission Audi's, while holding a cup of
> >espresso, in traffic?
> >
> >Bernard Littau
> >'88 5kcstq, with slight espresso stain on my pants as a result of the
> >consequences of the utter necessity of preventing some fool from passing my
> >5k on a two-lane-to-one-lane on-ramp this morning on my way to work.
> >
> >