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Re: idea...

I think it would be a nice touch to have a Q-list decal.  I travel a lot.
Every time I am in the states for a week or more I get at least 2000 miles on
my 87 Audi 5kTQ(150k +?).  Thank god I have not had any serious trouble (knock
on wood) but it is always appreciated when someone does make that special
effort to help another traveller, lister or not.
The decal and a something for Dan's troubles is a fine idea.

Max Menna

jab86@cornell.edu wrote:

> in the short time that i've been on the list, i have seen uncountable
> messages where a lister writes something to the effect of
> "saw a really sweet-looking ____ today - lister?"
> now, my grandfather was a mason, and he had a badge on the back of his
> car with the masonic symbol on it.  whenever he would see another masonic
> badge he would wave at the driver (mostly confusing said river, but it
> might be better with us since we drive audis).  whenever he saw a
> disabled car on the side of the road with a masonic badge, he would go
> way out of his way to help them.
> maybe we could design a small decal for the backs of our cars so that we
> wouldn't have to waste time with "- lister?"  instead we could just go up
> and introduce ourselves.  i was thinking of a simple black Q about four
> inches in diameter - maybe a silver one for dark cars?  anybody know
> where to get decals made?  i, for one, would be very interested in
> shelling out a couple of dollars to be part of a group purchase.  we
> could also tack on a couple of bucks to the price to help with Dan's costs.
> - joe brown
> 1990 80q 138k