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First track day with the UrQ


I was scheduled to run this Saturday down at Blackhawk (IL) with the
Corvair club, but my Corvair has developed brakes issues which I don't
have time to diagnose and fix.  So to be safe I'm running the '85 UrQ

I've not had it on a track before... and since my inherited R-1's are
pretty old and stiff, I'm planning to run it on SP8000's.

Brakes are fairly new Pagids with ATE Powergrooves, so I should be fine
there. Just replaced the timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, and oil.

A few questions:

Anything else I should do?

Should I run with the center diff locked?

Would 5-yr-old nearly slick R-1's (215/50/15) be better than 1-yr-old
SP8000's (225/45/16)?

Any other advice?


Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI