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Hello all.  I'm new to the list, having just purchased a 1999 Silver/Black A4 Avant 1.8T with the sport package, etc.  I live in New York and Maine, and needed a car to shuttle me back and forth (especially during the Winter) about twice a month and yet enjoy the drive.  My other car is a Blue 1997 Acura NSX.  Wonderful car, albiet not exactly your premier Winter ride.
Quick question, if I may.  Prior to picking up the A4, I purchased a MOMO "phantom" shift knob (basically matches the knob I have in my NSX)  When I remove the OE shift knob, which couldn't be easier, the metal shaft is too short for me to attach the new one.  I've removed the console piece that holds the boot, and notice that there is a rubber "bushing" covering some metal piece, whose sole purpose seems to hold the leather boot up and prevent it from sagging.  What can I do about this?  Do I simply have to get a different knob?  Any help appreciated.
Looking forward to learning from this list.
Jay M. Levine