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Re: Cupholders in the US...

I have a small weighted cup holder in-between my shifter and parking 
brake that works great for a cup of coffee, or a soda. 

For the 4000 it's the best bet.


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>In a message dated 99-07-14 18:01:28 EDT, dave.head@worldnet.att.net writes:
><< Having driven in Europe, I can understand no need for cupholders. People
> in Europe that have never or rarely driven in the US have a hard time
> visualizing the 2 day drive on dead straight roads to cross Texas on the
> bottom end. I don't consider it a good driving day if I haven't crossed
> 4 states. I put a cooler in the passenger side footwell and hit the
> road! >>
>a good idea for cupholders are the kind they sell at Kmart for like 3 bucks 
>each. theyre adjustable, and fold up out of the way when not in use.  i 
>mounted these to both front doorpanels, under the speakers, on my '86 5kT.  
>that's the only feasible place to mount them
>just dont slam the door with an open cup of coffee :<)
>'86 5kT
>'86 5kTQ