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Re: Two 4k quattro questions

Max Dichter writes:
> The car is an 87 4000 CS Quattro
> The first question is how do I tell what kind of AC system is in my car. 
> R134? or the old style

If you have your original A/C and it hasn't been modified then it's R12.
The factory didn't switch to R134A until 1995.

> The second is how do I tell if I have a 115 horse or a 130 horse engine.  
> I was told the five cylinder came in both varieties.

It you have your original engine then it's 115hp.  That's the way all
4KQs came.  The 130hp engine found its way into some 87 Coupe GTs,
and on the 80/90/100 in 1988.  Visually the 130hp engine can be
distinguished by the new-style intake manifold.

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