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Re: cupholders

I have one of these portable CD player mounts (the one with a bendable arm)
.....on top of it, I have mounted one of these mug warmers that plugs into
the cig. lighter.........too wobbly for a coffee mug, but great for keeping big

mac's and whoppers warm............you can even eat without getting your
hands dirty.....just lean over and take a bite.....

Dave Eaton wrote:

> here in nz, it's technically illegal to not be in full control of your
> vehicle at all times.  that means both hands on the wheel, and no

> cell-phones and certainly drinks in the drivers possession.  about a year
> ago, the minister of transport got done for reading a paper in rush hour, so
> everyone is fair game.  prosecutions are, however, rare afaik.
> the point is a good one though.  you may feel comfortable holding a cup of
> coffee at 100mph, but if i was in the car with you, you'd be in deep deep
> brown smelly stuff...
> not to start a more-righteous-than-you thread (please).
> dave
> '95 rs2
> '90 ur-q
> '88 mb 2.3-16