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Re: Sorry if I ever defended Detroit on this list

	That's the beauty of espresso, it's meant to be a quick but enjoyable 
coffee.  Anyone who sips their espresso doesn't know the proper way of 
drinking it.  You shouldn't have to take it in the car with you, unless 
McDonalds is now selling it through the drive-thru.  Our version of coffee 
simply causes law suits from burns and gives us the sudden urge to relieve 
ourselves after a cup.

Tom B.
'86 4kq

 Gee, I though espresso came over to America from Europe :-)  How do you
>Europeans drive your manual transmission Audi's, while holding a cup of
>espresso, in traffic?
>Bernard Littau
>'88 5kcstq, with slight espresso stain on my pants as a result of the
>consequences of the utter necessity of preventing some fool from passing 
>5k on a two-lane-to-one-lane on-ramp this morning on my way to work.