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Re: Cupholders & Americans

>then crossing those 4 states would take 6 hours and not
>2 days... etc.).

Hahahahahaha!  ROTFL.

One of the states mentioned was Texas, which is over 800 miles (1280 km)
across.  The states to the west are New Mexico and Arizona, which are fairly
large, too, though smaller than Texas.  He'd best head east, so he gets a
"small" state like Louisiana.  Maybe he'd do better going north/south,
though Texas might be worse that way.  The western US is *really* big, and
you won't get any conception of how big it is until you drive part of it.

But yes, I understand your point.  It would be nice to get across Texas in
under 8 hours instead of 2 days.  The speed limit on many narrow Texas
two-lane undivided highways is 70mph, which is pretty darn reasonable.
However, the multi-lane interstate divided highways also only have a 70mph
speed limit, which isn't consistent from a safety standpoint.

This is not a cupholder defense.  However, I too, will grab a water bottle
and drink from it while driving long distances.  I don't require a cupholder
for this infrequent use.  Many Americans think morning driving in heavy
rush-hour is an ideal place to drink coffee.

And on the subject of Americans not in control of their cars...
This morning I saw a Chrysler minivan with two drum sticks rapidly drumming
on the steering wheel.  They were clearly being operated with both hands
which didn't leave any with which to drive.

Jack Rich