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RE: Cupholders & Americans

Silly is OK, sarcasm is ok, humour is ok...

How many times does an American laugh at a joke?

Three times;
the first laugh comes when it's told
the second when it's explained
the third time when he gets it!!

Tee Hee [:-)

Ducking - Nomex on......................


Oh come on.....  it's a joke....  aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Hi Tomas and Robert,

I was in a silly mood this morning... My job is boring me to death...

Ve Germans are not noted for our humor, no offense taken and none was

I'll stick with Quattro related stuff from now on :-)

Rob in Germany

Tomas Leveckis schrieb:

> the line was taken out of context from a joke about Euro's opinions
> on Bill Clintons problems of a year ago.......no personal flames were
> intended
> "Robert B." wrote:
> > Hi Tomas,
> >
> > flameproof overalls are ON!
> >
> > > ach.......those stupeed ameericuns vit der amburgairs und der tailfins
und der
> > > soap.....
> >
> > Soap? We have soap, hamburgers and even Coke (but it is being pulled off
the market in
> > Belgium --> something about poison?!)
> >
> > > who do dey tink dey are??????
> >
> > World cop. Oops, wrong list...
> >
> > Don't need to get personal, I drove in the US a lot and feel a lot safer
driving at 100mph
> > here than 65mph there. That was my point ;-)
> >
> > Rob in Germany