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Re: Fault code 2 1 4 2, knock sensor

In message <yd908ic9l2.fsf@euler.adams.com> Gisli Ottarsson writes:

>   1) Hook sensor up to oscilloscope, tap block, see if "knock" was
>      sensed.

You can also take it out and tap it on some hard surface.

>   3) "Find a friend" --- with a twist. Remove the sensor, referring to
>      it as Frank as I do so.  Then when I put it back in, I'll call it
>      Phil --- or is the engine wise to this trick?  Torque to 20Nm,
>      *exactly*.

Yeah.  And clean the hole out, too.  Torque, crap in the hole and frayed
cables are the main sources of knock sensor problems.

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