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RE: Two 4k quattro questions

... and the final answer to the original question is that the service
fittings for R134 are different than those for R12 ... which was
deliberately done so that it would be possible to determine what the system
should be serviced with!  If a PO had the system converted they should have
fitted the new fittings ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> Todd Young writes:
> > Ti Kan wrote:
> > > If you have your original A/C and it hasn't been modified then it's
> R12.
> > > The factory didn't switch to R134A until 1995..
> > 
> > Eeek! Wrong. My late '93 90S has an R134a system. As a matter of fact,
> it's
> > the infamous "no low side port for service" system, it will be
> interesting to
> > see how Audi plans to service this system once it loses refrigerant.
> Oops, I just knew I would be off by a couple of years... :) at any rate,
> R134A didn't come into the picture until the 1990s.  The original poster's
> 1987 4KQ is sure to have an R12 system if unmodded.