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2000 S4 BT Driving Impressions

Ok, I didn't actually drive it.  Paul did.

I get a call yesterday at work from Mike at Ingolstadt West.  "Gary, get
your @$$ over here, the new S4 is here."

Since I work like 500 yards from Mike's place (how convenient is that?), I
get myself over there.  

There it is, in yellow, looking like a sexy, ornery A4.  Really nice silver
leather interior, with carbon fiber, like an Ur-S4.  I know, wasn't in the
brochure, but may be an option.  I didn't like the silver leather(ette?) in
photos, but in person, wow.  I'd like to see a Santorin Blue S4 with Silver
leather and the aluminum trim.  Eye candy...

Paul takes me for a ride.  Ambient in the LA valley was about 95 ish
yesterday.  My 88 5kcstq really doesn't like the heat.  The S4 could hardly
care.  Pulled smoothly from 2000 rpm.  Quite a bit faster than the 88
5kcstq, like M3 territory, with no lag.  Before the ride, I kept thinking
"the motor, the motor".  After the ride, I keep thinking "the brakes, the
brakes".  This thing stopped so incredibly well.  Holy crap.  You could
definitely chip this baby and have brakes left over to spare.  Paul also
tossed it into a few corners, and it corners better than any and all the
Audi's I've driven (this includes Ur-qs and CQ's).

All in all, a truly fabulous car.  Mrs. Lewis has been informed of our
pending new addition to the family.  We had been shopping for an 91 - 94
Porsche C4 Cabriolet for me.  After the S4, SCREW the C4.  

On a personal note, thank you Paul Rivera for being such a great guy.  The
ride was an absolute joy.  Lunch wasn't bad either.  Always good to see

Funny side bar, as I was walking into the restaurant to meet the crew for
lunch after the drive, some kid pulls up in a TT.  I ask him how he likes
it, he raves about the performance.  I point at the S4, ask him if he knows
what it is.  
He frowns, says "A4".  I say "no S4".  
"What's the difference?", he asks.  "Twin turbo V6, six speed gearbox, and
brakes to die for".  Another frown.  "I shoulda bought one of those..."
Gary Lewis 
88 5kcstq 1.8 bar 110km Pearl w/Fuchs, K24 turbo, 2-piece EM
86 5kcstqw Sapphire and Platinum, stock 
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