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Re: CGT crunched in Denver

That's funny.  :-(  State Farm absolutely *refused* to sell my old wrecked
'89 200 back to me when I told them I wanted to buy it back to salvage
parts from it.  Not on your life.  Now I really *AM* POed.

At 08:47 PM 7/15/99 EDT, you wrote:
>As I write this I'm still in _shock_. I have been treated with courtesy, 
>respect, and generosity by an insurance company. When I asked the list what 
>you thought my wounded CGT was worth, I felt maybe I was bragging about the 
>condition. Well, State Farm agreed with me. The appraisal was $3850.00. 
>Salvage value was deemed at $550.00. I have my car and a check for $3300.00. 
>State Farm gets every kudo I can imagine. They were very _service_ oriented. 
>The other driver was great, and his insurance even better.
>I'm just ecstatic (at least as ecstatic as you can be when your baby gets 
>punched). This was not the horror story I thought I would be telling.
>Just unbelievable!
>Dennis Graber
>Aurora, Colo.
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