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Re: North East Listers

> 1) Poor Cold Start.
> 2) hesitation during warm up period.
> 3) Stalling during warm up period.
> 4) General lack of power even when warm.
this sounded familiar so i looked through the extremely through maint
records thet the previous owner kept and found the same complaints on a
dealer repair invoice.  however the milage at the time was 31k.  so i ask
you this question.

when was the last time the spark plugs and air filter were changed?  the air
filter is a b@#$h to get to but you can peek in w/o removing the whole assy.
if they need a replacin', it can make a world of difference.
remember to use bosch parts! ;-)

kingston, is that just west of poughkeepsie(sp!) or somethin?  if i knew
more about audi repairs, i would volunteer some services being only an hour
east in ct.  but ho hum.  that is why i read the list.  i fear that the guy
across the alley has more knowledge.  i must read more quattro list 2night.
(bad espn2 reference).
Eric Augustyn!
91 80q
AIM = PROpane860
CT's favorite Punk/Ska band!

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