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Re: idea...

Elliott Potter <epotter@abraxis.com> wrote:

>> Look, why don't we all just paint our cars one color (I suggest yellow,

>Nah, we've got to pick a color that no other Audi owner would use, so
>that there's no mistake - maybe that paint that changes color as you
>walk by ("Hey, there's a purple Audi!" "No wait, it's turning blue!
>Hey, that's a lister!" )

Funny you should mention that... there was an article in MOT magazine (yup,
I bought me a magazine again, and I won't stop until I've conveyed the
contents to y'all, verbatim ;-) ) about this very technology. Illustration
was a TT painted blue, whereas the front end, under a lamp, looked green.
There's a trend towards using multi-colour pigments based on 'flop'
technology these days, I think the TT was painted by Glasurit. Nissan has
done a limited-edition Primera in such a technique, and there's talk of
more of these cars.

Interestingly (and this is where the real Audi content creeps in), A lady
who does interior and exterior colour picking for Audi, is asked about
whether Audi is interested in this technology. In short: no, too faddish,
detracts from the basic design of the car. Ah, so that's why Nissan used it
on the Primera. Not much basic design to look at... ;-)

87 90q Titian red metallic (not a yellow part on this car, but the PO
painted the cam cover Zermatt silver)- Won't show this car to Phil P, or
he'll _drive_  it into the lake. ;-)