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Fear confirmed: urquattro hall sensor wrong

Well, I was apparently justified in my concern regarding this hall
sensor, 035 905 065A, that I received from Linda @ Carlsen.  It is
the correct part for '83-'85 urquattros (many thanks to the various
listers who responded to my query), but apparently not for my 1982
with vin 85-C-900087.

I can make out three primary differences between the new sensor
and my old one:
     (1) the alignment mark for the distributor housing on the
	 trigger wheel is not in the same location
     (2) the connector for the wiring harness will not fit on the
	 distributor housing (too wide for the slot)
     (3) the electrical connector on the wiring harness will not
	 fit in the receptacle on the hall sensor (different design)

I can solve 2 and 3 above easily enough by widening the distributor
slot to accept the new receptacle and changing the connector on
the wiring harness.  Number 1 concerns me, however.  If I installed
the new hall sensor and aligned the distributor housing up with the
new mark on the trigger wheel, the distributor would be ~10-15 degrees
farther clockwise away from the hall sensor than it currently is.
The "window" on the trigger wheel is in the same relative location
as that on the old sensor, so it isn't like the trigger point is
moving along with the alignment mark.  The design of the distributor
(i.e. the orientation of the cap on the distributor) affects the
ignition system, correct?

The whole key to the hall sensor lies in the position of the sensor
relative to the trigger window when the rotor is at the alignment
mark on the distributor housing, correct?  For correct operation, 
the rotor should reach the alignment mark just as the hall sensor
leaves the trigger window, and the rotor should then be lined up with
the collector on the distributor cap for the #1 spark plug.  If this
description is correct, then I should be able to determine if the
new sensor will work, so please chime in if you agree/disagree with me.

'85 CGT, '82 urquattro hell...I mean, ownership
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