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Re: 2000 S4 BT Driving Impressions (TT reference)

>...some kid pulls up in a TT.  
>"What's the difference?", he asks.  "Twin turbo V6, six speed gearbox, and
>brakes to die for".  Another frown.  "I shoulda bought one of those..."

That's odd he should think so.  The TT has a 20V turbo 4, weighs lots less,
and has brakes to die for.  If you want a six-speed, you have to wait for
the 225HP version, though.  Hmmm.  Isn't that only 25HP less than the stock
S4, with lots less weight to haul around?  Anyone know the actual weight of
the S4?  The TT is between 2666 and 2883 lbs, depending upon whom you
believe.  I'll put it on a scale with a full tank of gas in early August.

My wife wants us to get a 2nd TT.  (No kidding!)  I haven't put in an order
because I think it is a pretty stupid idea (but then, I'm the one that gets
first dibs on the TT 95% of the time.)  Now maybe an S4 would be just the
ticket for when the wife has the TT, and I could let her have it maybe 35%
of the time.  That's a better idea!

Jack Rich
00 TT (no S4 envy here!)
90 V8 (S4 envy is entirely conceivable)