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Any BTDT's on R-12 to R-134a conversion?

Sorry if you've received this twice...

Has anyone on the list converted their A/C to R-134a refrigerant?
Comments? Problems? Notes on procedures?  Is there any noticable loss in 
cooling power (pronounced: Black Leather Interior...)?

Where are the low and high pressure service ports?  The schematic in Bentley 
shows a high pressure port between the muffler and the condenser, but no 
pix.  Where is the low pressure port?  Is it the screw cap down on the pump?

Looking forward to your comments!

Richard H. Reed
86 5kcstqw - Grey/Blk Comforts 156k (hers)
86 5kcstq - Pearl/Blk Sports 127k (his)
72 911E - Green/Charcoal Sports IROC Bumpers and Ducktail (his too! :)

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