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Re: Fear confirmed: urquattro hall sensor wrong

>For correct operation,
> the rotor should reach the alignment mark just as the hall sensor
> leaves the trigger window, and the rotor should then be lined up with
> the collector on the distributor cap for the #1 spark plug.  If this
> description is correct, then I should be able to determine if the
> new sensor will work, so please chime in if you agree/disagree with me.

Correct. If you have a problem lining it all up properly, the "window" can
be moved within its crimp. In other words rotated in relation to the
distributor shaft to attain correct alignment. But be careful not to deform
it, the metal is soft. After changing that set the timing to zero and
recheck the rotor alignment to center it in relation to number one on the

Bryan Doughty