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Re: Any BTDT's on R-12 to R-134a conversion?

This was discussed in May, I believe, Richard.   Look through the last half
of the month, I'd guess in the current-year archives:


Kneale Brownson

At 07:14 AM 7/16/99 -0700, Richard Reed wrote:
>Sorry if you've received this twice...
>Has anyone on the list converted their A/C to R-134a refrigerant?
>Comments? Problems? Notes on procedures?  Is there any noticable loss in 
>cooling power (pronounced: Black Leather Interior...)?
>Where are the low and high pressure service ports?  The schematic in Bentley 
>shows a high pressure port between the muffler and the condenser, but no 
>pix.  Where is the low pressure port?  Is it the screw cap down on the pump?
>Looking forward to your comments!
>Richard H. Reed
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