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Hydraulic Pump - mystery O-ring, Type 44

In 1987 Eric Axelson wrote the following re: resealing hydraulic pumps on
the Type 44's.

>Subject: Re: Power Steering pumps
>Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 14:27:50 -0600
>Wait.....of course you knew that there has to be a mystery o-ring....the
>one actually responsible for the leak and the one that has no
>replacement in the rebuild kit. The one pump halve has a post protruding
>from it....remove this post( rubber clawed vise-grips works well) and
>you will see the o-ring. Your local hardware store will have a
>replacement (3/32" wall- I think 1.0" i.d.). When reinstalling, make
>sure that the post is tight and the allen bolt in the middle is tight- i
>would suggest a little loctite on the allen bolt. You can test that this
>pump halve is sealed by using pressurizing through the port. Remember
>that this has to maintain incredible amounts of pressure.

Can someone confirm the existence of this O-ring, the correct size, and how
to replace it?
Also...is this "missing" O-ring in the kit?
I tried taking this protruding post off to find the mystery O-ring.  
But it won't budge and I'm afraid of damaging something.
Any further tips?
Is it simply a force fit?
I unscrewed the allen bolt in the middle and removed it.
It is a check valve, but there's no O-ring under it.

Dave C.

Columbus, OH 
89 200Q
87 5KS 
89 100E 
86 4KQ