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Subject: Re: Has anyone seen this Audi TV commercial?

>>We've been running this spot here in Finland for a while.  Nice work.  I
think the spot is called (fittingly) "Harley".

Jouko Haapanen<<

I don't know if we, in the US, see the same commercials as other parts of the 
world. The Audi commercials I've seen here are absolutely gorgeous (A6 and 
TT). They are so cerebral and esoteric. They sort of make you feel you have 
class and style and smarts and good sense and an appreciation of beauty all 
at once, just because you already own one. I also saw a print add in Forbes 
magazine that was like that too. Audi is doing everything right in their 
choice of an ad agency (IMHO).

95A6q pearl