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'88 5k Recirc door bracket P/N?

Checking out the BiL's '88 5kAvant with complaints of nonfunctional HVAC
system.  As suspected the problem was the blower motor brushes ... but I
also noticed that it had the infamous recirc door vacuum motor broken away
from its moorings.  I don't have the TSB here (Group 87 Number 90-01 Date
11/30/90), and when I called Carlsen, Didi told me that they don't have the
old TSBs there to review ???!!!  She said that Linda probably had it in a
file ... but she's not in today.  If anyone out there has the part numbers
for the bracket and the recirc door gasket it would be much appreciated.
I'm hoping to be able to find a bracket before Sunday, when I'm going to do
the blower ...

I tried to search the archives, but I couldn't find a link to the search
engine from the main website.  If anyone happened to have a URL and could
forward it I would be most appreciative ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

Now back to your regularly scheduled accident rate by age/US drivers
discussion ...