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Question about a/c compressor whine no '91 200Q

I've noticed recently that when I accelerate and the a/c is on, there's a
bit of a whine, a milder version of the whine you'd hear if the timing belt
is installed too tightly.  There is NO such noise when the a/c is off.

The car has 101,500 miles on it, and the compressor was replaced w/new by
the previous owner in June '97 at 77,500.  The a/c works fine.  Does this
sounds like a too-tight a/c belt, or a bearing in the compressor, or
something to do with the clutch assembly?  A few months ago, Bob Hoffman
had noticed a bit of oil that he thought was coming from the compressor.
But then, since my high pressure hose to the rack was on its way out and
leaking slightly (though I didn't know it then), maybe that was the problem.

Any advice on the compressor noise would be greatly appreciated.


- Jim