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Re: Changing Interior Colors (no audi content)

>  "Does anyone have any experience dyeing leather interiors and the
>  related door panels, headliners and carpets.....snip...."
>I have changed the interior color of a VW Scirocco and my Audi 4000. For
>the vinyl, I used SEM Landau Black (available at Body Shop supply

Well, you could contact Tamara...She has experience in the furry, fuzzy 
animal interiors.

Brendan Barry
Quincy, Massachusetts
1987 Audi 4000 Quattro - "Suzanne"
Tornado Red, with grey cloth interior and a bitchy attitude.
Will soon be all the colors of the rainbow.
H4 80w/100w
K&N Filter
Modified Intake and Throttle
ATE Powerdics/Brembo cross-drilled
Steel brake lines (soon)
H&R - Boge Turbo Gas
Strut Brace (soon)