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RE: PN 857 827 019 B CGT Rear Lid

Kneale & Phil

Thanks a for the response.

The 3 Dealers that have been looking at this said that my car (although I 
purchased it new here) may not have been originally destined for Canada. 
 I've seen and scanned the Canadian Audi fische myself on far too many 
occasions and there is nothing that refers to this lid other than a small 
box with a note and Part No. stating that this lid may be imported on some 
Canadian vehicles - guess I bought the only one they imported.

I even called the Audi support line (Audi US), and stated that no-way 
should have I had this lid, asked for my VIN # (WAUBD0856GA041747) 
confirmed my address and told me I had quattro coupe - I laughed, politely 
asked for the rest of my car and corrected her.  She said no sir according 
to her records and my VIN I own a 1986 quattro coupe.  She opened a case (# 
990-227-504) with a promise to get back to me (regarding the lid) and I 
haven't heard from her since.

So Kneale, the bottom line is please fax, e-mail, post or mule train 
whatever you've got on this lid.  I don't got, can't get, so I guess I 
gotta import some parts from somewhere else.  Description and Part No.'s is 
all I need.

BTW - ETKA not used in my neck of the woods and the ur-quattro? - I've only 
seen maybe 3 or 4 in Canada.  These puppies were very expensive ($50 CDN 
g's or more) and if memory serves me correct they weren't imported into 
Canada after '85 - emissions or cost I can't remember which but, since I'm 
old and probably wrong so Pajak will correct me.

Thanks again for your help.

Don Muirhead
P.O. Box 762
Simcoe, ON Canada N3Y 4T2
Fax: (519) 587-4281