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Re: Waterfest AAAAHHHHH!!!!

hmmmm.  sounds interesting.  i called rapid parts the other day and went 
through similar agony.  however, i decided against it because i have to be
back at uconn by midnight that day to work my regular midnight to 8am shift
at the fire dpt ( and my 80q will turn back into a pumpkin, but that is
another thread entirely).

so instead i decided to go to a few autocrosses up in springfield, mass at
the end of august.  figure then is as good a time to start racing.  no work,
no school (i gradigiate formally on aug 6th and quit my jobs then too:-).

so if you aren't planning on sunday being a 30 hour day like me, go for it
(ok, i'm a wuss).  i will be there rooting on everybody and drooling on
every car i see there again this year.

see as many of you as i can there in jersey. only 9 days left!

oh by the way, anybody  SCCA SoloII before and would like to share
expierences?  as mensioned, i am going to start and want to know a little.

Eric Augustyn!
91 80q
AIM = PROpane860
CT's favorite Punk/Ska band!

Show Dates for June!

July 30th!
At the El 'n' Gee in New London, CT for the Sgt. Scagnetti relelease
party!!!!  This is real rock and roll!!!!!

August......Webster punk fest! 2 day festival! In Hartford, CT!
Sept.........CMJ Music festival in NYC!